Challenge: Embarrasing Self-Service on Camera!

(Video Runtime: 7:07) We spent a lot of time shooting Uri, so naturally as she warmed up to the crew, we learned a lot of juicy little tidbits about her personal life. Maybe the most surprising secret was that the first time she tried playing with a toy was shooting with us! We remembered clearly from the interview that she said toy play was okay. We thought that meant she had done it before, but apparently we jumped to the wrong conclusion and she didn't correct us! In fact, the closest toy playing Uri had tried before CKE18 was the vibrate mode on her mobile phone! Now that's hentai... too bad she didn't tell us what she was thinking about at the time! Have fun watching this toy video. That look of embarrassment on Uri's face is from our eye opening conversation. Maybe our new tagline should be "CKE18: Taking innocent Japanese girls to the next level!" Can you guess any other secrets Uri might have?

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