Akane Can't Take it Anymore! Fetch a Toy!

(Video Runtime: 11:38)All that ball bouncing in our previous video was just too much for Akane! We're not sure though what took her over the edge... was it that tight thong rubbing between her juicy thighs or the excitement of seeing all of us guys excited?! Maybe it was both! Whatever it was, one thing was certain... Akane's cotton towel bikini could barely contain her wetness. She started by licking the toy and playing with her perfect Japanese breasts. Nipple pulling was definitely Akane's thing, but the toy licking was definitely just to tease us. It was already plenty wet down under! As she moved her pink friend from her perky tits to her pink lips, it slid around like tennis shoes on ice. Slippery, wetty, naughty girl!

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