Is Ayame a Time Traveling Idol from the 80's?!?!

(Video Runtime: 9:01) From the second I met Ayame, something about this soft spoken girl reminded me of those famous Japanese Idols from the 80's. As we walked around under beautiful Hollywood-esk palm trees I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Was it her haircut? Maybe it was her body style? Her soft porcelain skin? Could it be something less obvious like her mannerisms. Normally I prefer shooting really petite Japanese girls, but Ayame's "blast from the past" vibe was driving me crazy. The only way to get her out of my head was to do a shoot, and when we finally shot I was in for a treat. Even on our first video, I noticed she had naughty wet panties. Without talking too much about your pants, what's the feeling you get from her? Does Ayame remind you of anybody?

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Ayame looked so soft and sexy in her towel cotton pajamas. Every move was sensual. She got down on all fours and slipped the shorts over her killer booty...

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Guess who likes her nipples pulled? The plan was to show off her lovely porceline skin in the sunlight, but she started touching her body and pinching her nipples...

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As Ayame showed her dripping wet figure, I finally caught her nipples popping out from the tiny bikini. She had been shy to tease her lovely Japanese breasts...

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