Challenge: Overcoming Honoka's Nervousness

(Video Runtime: 9:23) We had been shooting this lovely Japanese girl all day and after the banana and slime videos, I was sure she had warmed up to the crew. I guess I was wrong though! Honoka was still nervous to put on the butterfly thong but I promised it wouldn't show too much. She hesitantly agreed and moments later she was sucking on a rubber dildo without a care in the world. Right as her panties starting getting wet though, out came her surprising request... "Can we turn the lights off?" I've had girls ask me that in my private life but never during the shoot. Apparently for this video Honoka was going to be the talent AND lighting department wwww. Of course we didn't mind. She was just a shy girl and nothing was going to change that. We quickly moved into a room that could be more dark and without all the other crew Honoka finished herself off for me, the camera, and every fan who watches this wwwww. Have you ever had the "lights off" request?

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