Tickling Cutie Japanese Girls is Ridiculously Tempting!

(Video Runtime: 14:49) I know, I know, before anyone points it out, yes Minami put her panties on backwards and no we didn`t realize it wwwww. She`s such an amateur and that`s why we like her! Instead of paying attention to the task at hand, she was probably nervously thinking about the video we were about to shoot. I tried to loosen her up with a little tickling and let me tell you, I had to use every ounce of energy to stop from nose diving straight in between her luscious legs. Don`t those lips look like they`d be great to suck on?! After working up her young nubile body with my hands and massage wand, she was excited enough to take the reigns. What`s your favorite thing about the way Minami pleases herself?

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Japanese Girls Can`t Avoid Massage Wands! Watch Inside CKE18!

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