Does Nozomi Know About Your Cotton Panty Fetish!?!

(Video Runtime: 8:49) If you're like me and have a fetish for Japanese schoolgirl cosplay and cotton panties then you're in for a treat. Nozomi is as sweet as the lollipop that she's licking and she wants to be your personal hentai play toy. She's the completely package and everything about her body is noteworthy. From her thick luscious lips to her amazing breasts and all the way down to her perfectly shaped booty, this firecracker cutie will tease you to the limit. As tasty as she is though, our shoot had a bumpy take off. It was one of those rare occasions where I couldn't believe such a cute girl was in front of me actually shooting chakuero. In my mind I started questioning the entire situation... Did I explain that this was extreme chakuero? Was she really ready to do this? How would she respond the moment I asked her to take off her uniform top? I've shot many girls but sometimes I still get nervous. The only thing you can do is put your poker face on and dive in. As Nozomi lifted up her skirt and flashed her ecchi cotton strawberry panties, things really started to heat up between us...

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Water Curves

Nozomi was embarrassed from wetting her cotton panties so we shot a bath video. After seeing the water follow her Japanese booty curve, you'll be ready to dive straight in!...

Cutie Thong

Some Japanese girls like to take it easy when they start their first chakuero set and warm up over time, but Nozomi wanted to clear out all the butterflies as soon as possible!...

She's Toying?!

After peeling out of her wet panties and massaging her Japanese breasts, she needed more. It was only the third video of the day and Nozomi was already sliding up and down on a toy...

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