Masako is a Banana Booty Floss Crazy Japanese Girl!

(Video Runtime: 17:55) Before a chakuero shoot, we stop by a convenience store like 7-11 or a supermarket and buy a bunch of snacks and sometimes fruits or vegetables. I guess this usually looks normal when we check out, but I always wonder if the clerks at the counter ever guess what we're doing. Have you ever worked a job like that? Did you pay much attention to what people purchased? Sometimes I want to say something like "thanks for checking us out, by the way Masako is a chakuero idol and she's on her way to suck that banana for our video camera." If I was working there, I would love to hear something like that but I'm a pretty ecchi and hentai guy. Other's might take offense tho, even with a Japanese beauty like Masako standing next to me.

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