Splish splash! Bikini comes off and Nozomi gets wet!

Petite Nozomi-chan stepped into the bathroom wearing a dazzling, light-blue bikini. Her otherwise tiny boobs and butt were accentuated by the elastic grip of the bikini's fabric. I go crazy for large busts and curvy backsides, but there's a special place in my ecchi heart for Japanese girls built like Nozomi-chan. The sound of warm flowing water from the tub faucet brightened up her eyes and put a wide grin on her gorgeous Japanese teen face. Like a rabbit, she then sprung to the edge of the filling basin and gazed in wonderment at its wet churning. Like a mouse to cheese, the only thing left was to take a bite. But first, we must remove the rind -- er, bikini -- before we allow our tastebuds full indulgence!

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