Uri's Hot Summer Kimono Release and Tease

Summertime in Japan is known for its sweltering heat, lavish firework displays, and of course the wonderful sight of girls wearing less clothing. You'll even see many girls in such seasonal favorites as flowery kimonos. As you can see from today's preview, Uri-chan is no exception. When we asked her to come over for a nice summer-themed chakuero shoot, she was more than happy grace us with her cuteness. Uri sure likes the comfy feeling of being draped in a kimono, but doesn't like it when the air conditioner starts acting up and the room gets all stuffy. Who does? As luck would have it, there was a cool breeze outside, so we cracked open the windows and anxiously waited for some relief to come in. With the first kiss of soothing breeze, Uri-chan loosened up her kimono, became excited and revealed to us that she'd love to watch the evening's fireworks while partially disrobed. Without any argument from us, we kindly urged her to do whatever makes her most comfortable. From there, we had the pleasure of capturing Uri flaunt more and more of what's underneath her kimono: a beautifully-sculpted teen Japanese body and luscious booty.

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