Japanese teen Yayoi's morning tits and vibe massage!

As the CKE18 photographer, one question I always am asked is “who is your favorite chakuero idol?” The easy answer is just to list some Japanese girls I like, but I find that changes too often to be accurate and does my opinion really even matter? Everyone has their own! For me instead of individual girls, maybe it’s more about memorable sets. This set with Yayoi-chan was one of my favorite recent memories. Normally when someone puts a pillow over your face, they’re trying to kill you, but Yayoi can wake me up like this any day of the week! What about you? Do you have a favorite girl or favorite photo set? Let us know.

Yayoi Videos

The Tape Pretender

Yayoi is the tape pretender. She's pretending to be asleep... or was she really sleeping? It was hard to tell. She must have been tired and relaxed after...

School Exercise

It's not easy finding the motivation to exercise. The only reason I would even go to the gym is to check out fit Japanese girls. How many of us actually do a...

Fairy Wand Wonder

We have a lot of videos where we teas Japanese girls with vibrating wands, but this one might have just moved into my top three favorites of all time...

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Rina Y, 18y/o
Rin, 18y/o
Tia, 21y/o
Uri, 18y/o
Satsuki, 19y/o