Yuuka-chan's sexy debut leaves us craving even more!

There's nothing more exciting than capturing the moments of a chakuero idol's debut. While many girls have come from the modeling industry and have plenty of experience in front of the lens, there's always a small, special portion that are brand new. Shy but willing to make a great impression. The fresh-faced Yuuka-chan is exactly this type of idol. The good news is, the natives on chakuero island are a welcoming bunch, so making this very shy beginner feel relaxed is what we're all about. Before long, we saw a timid but eager Japanese girl spread her petals and give it her all for us to enjoy. The only thing we're left with is craving more of Yuuka-chan!

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Here's a quick video we shot with Yuuka towards the end of the shoot. At this point she was so comfortable with the crew that she was just hanging out with no panties on...

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