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Rating: 6.8/10
Dreaming of You
Have you ever had a dream that was so real, that when you woke up you still weren't sure if it really happened or not? When we started the day with Rika-chan, she casually mentioned she had a wild dream the night before, and by the time we were ready to shoot, we were fed the full story. Apparently this sexy girl is an extremely vivid dreamer and she can even control her dreams in some naughty ways. Before we knew it, we were so deep into the conversation, it was like the movie Inception. Rika was talking about a dream that made her panties soaking wet, and we could imagine it so clearly. It was as if we were right there shooting her, but in reality everyone was just standing around day dreaming and not remembering we actually needed to do shooting! The end result was okay though. Rika's dream inspired this video, and do you know what she was dreaming about? Teasing you! But still, she's curious... what are you dreaming about?
Cotton Bikini Workout This isn't the kind of bikini you would want to wear swimming... wait a minute, we're guys! We don't want to wear any ki
Flute Panties I don't know if you've ever had the nightmare (or awesome dream depending on your point of view) where you wake up and f
Bubble Bikini Top This video was really difficult for Alice because she had so many things to remember. She slipped on the slick floor whe

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