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Rating: 7.7/10
Don’t Toy With Me
Put your hands behind your back. Minami-chan is playing hard to get and she's not going to let you control her! Break the golden rule, even for a second, and it's all over! Oh, she will still finish serving herself, but only after she kicks you out of the room and makes you stand in the corner for a time-out. Japanese girls aren't as easy as you might think! Oh you didn't think they were easy? Mmm Hmm. You do realize that chakuero girls are good at teasing, specifically because they can read guys minds right?! Especially Minami-chan. She has a baby face but her mind is more ecchi and smart then you'll ever be prepared for. So before you stop into the room, you better ask yourself one question... do you feel lucky punk? Well, do ya?!
Poke and Suck The theme of this set was "I'll tease you because you teased me!". I started off by tickling Alice's thighs while she la
Flute Panties I don't know if you've ever had the nightmare (or awesome dream depending on your point of view) where you wake up and f
Potasium Sucking Every girl needs vitamins to keep her skin looking fresh and healthy. That's what Misuzu told us right before she starte

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