B98/W59/H88 cm
(B38.6 /W23.2 /H34.6 inch)
Rating: 8.5/10
23th, Sep
159cm ( 5feet 2.6inch)
Tokyo walking

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There was no way this lovely Japanese girl was leaving the set without getting messy, in proper chakuero fashion! The milk earlier in the day had been a good s
Rating: 8/10
Tia looked cold standing in bottomless panties and no top. She was probably hoping we would hand her a bath robe, but instead we handed her a roll of saran wra
Rating: 8/10
Have you ever spotted a beautiful girl in the park or at least dreamed about the chance of striking up an outdoor conversation on a beautifully sunny day? When
Rating: 9.7/10

Director's Comments

Tia is half Japanese girl and was born in the south islands. She has a perfect body like dynamite which no Japanese girl have, and her personality is super dynamite too. She is always making everybody fun during shooting, because she cares being professional by thanking every fan, staff, and trying to do her best all the time.
Home Prefecture

10 Replies to “Tia”

  1. Absolutely love Tia! Had to sign up when I seen her photos. She is a true beauty and I hope to see more content from her. 🙂

  2. Thanks for joining for Tia alamarco! I will ask Karai to release a photo set of her in October 😀 I hope we can shoot her again! She really was a beauty and after we did shooting, many new ideas came to mind!

    If you have shoot ideas, please let us know. If we shoot her again, let’s consider that!

  3. I don’t really have any suggestions, I’ll leave that up to you guys as you guys are the pros!

    My only suggestion, I noticed for the blog you did some Ryouko wallpaper. Could you do some for Tia? 🙂

    It’s great to see you have another set to release. I’m anxiously awaiting that. 😀

  4. Hey alamarco! Sure thing, thanks for the suggestion! We will make a Tia wallpaper and also update Tia with a new photo set since she’s pretty popular 😀

  5. Tia is great. I really like to watch her videos. She’s already done JAV–I don’t know if before, or after, or concurrently with her work on this site. But due to Japanese mosaic censorship, you can probably actually see more of her here than in the JAV.

  6. skipp,

    To answer your questions, Tia is doing chakuero shooting at the same time doing JAV, but she only did 2 or 3 chakuero shoots! Usually chakuero girls are new faces, but sometimes when we want to shoot a super popular beauty girl like Tia, we make the exception ^O^ It’s so interesting to see the difference between a new girl and a top girl like Tia who knows how to make every perfect pose. Still she thought chakuero shooting is a super challenge. She has to stand on her own for the video, without a “support cast.” You can imagine it’s not easy!

    Exactly! You guessed the exact point about chakuero shooting… you can see much more of her than in JAV. Also, with our shooting we try to focus the most on the girl’s beauty. Just like a mainstream Japanese Idol.

    Thanks for the comments and questions! I hope we can shoot Tia again!

  7. Any chance we can get some more Tia photo sets? Last 5 updates have been videos only. Not that videos are bad, but I also love me some photo sets. 🙂

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