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Rating: 6.8/10
Big Boob Hula Hoop
This video is truly Tia's big boobs versus the hula hoop. Both seem to be getting in the way of each other as Tia plays around for the camera. We learned one thing during the making of this video… Tia did her best but she is TERRIBLE at hula hooping! Her excuse? She says she was always afraid to hula hoop as a girl because she was self-conscious about her over-sized breasts shaking too much and drawing attention. Obviously she was hanging around the wrong crowd because none of us would have minded one bit! Good thing she's over those fears now wwww! We are giving Tia an A for getting over her fears. Out of all of her friends who might have laughed, we bet none of them would have the courage enough to try this! Do you think Tia deserves some credit?
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