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Rating: 6.8/10
Morning Desires
It must be very sexually frustrating for Tia to wake up each morning alone; gazing in the mirror at her giant Japanese breasts and feeling the wetness of her ultra tiny thong as it stimulates her lovely lips. As we shot her teasing videos we could see in her eyes her yearning for more. The feeling was so strong the director had to remind the crew to be careful around this lovely vixen. At any moment she might suck them in to her deep desires if they found themselves alone with her. Any missing members found frolicking with the talent would not be paid, but do you really think this was much of a deterrent? wwww.
Slime Massage One thing that chakuero idols like about slime massages is... they can hide their embarrassing wet panties with the goo.
Poke and Suck The theme of this set was "I'll tease you because you teased me!". I started off by tickling Alice's thighs while she la
Syrup Sweetie There was no way this lovely Japanese girl was leaving the set without getting messy, in proper chakuero fashion! The m

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