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Rating: 6.3/10
Nude Roses
A red rose or blue bikini, which one is most revealing!? As Tia's wondering hands explore her sensual curves, she pulls the thong tighter and tighter between her legs until her lips turn pink. Beautiful Japanese nail art is exposed as her finger vibrates the surface of the material. As Tia's body heats up, she slowly removes what's left of her sexy outfit. The plastic flowers have no real smell, but Tia's scent is absolutely seductive. As she lays across the couch waiting for your company, how would you take care of this beautiful creature?
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5 Replies to “Nude Roses”

  1. Another great video. This may seem obvious to others, but not to me: does Tia have a surgical scar on her abdomen? At age 21? I have noticed this on a number of models on cke18. Despite the scars, which makes them more interesting and alluring, your models look as fresh as can be.

  2. Thanks for the compliments and great question! I will find out about these “mystery scars” and let you know the details soon! ^O^

  3. Konnichiwa autofocus!

    I called the Director to ask about Tia for you. We don’t think she has a surgical scar actually! She DID have a piercing and also a little secret about Tia is that she used to be a little chubby in high school, so maybe she has some marks from that.

    He did remember at least one girl we worked with who had appendicitis, but we could’nt remember which one that was! It wasn’t Tia though!

    Of course from time to time girls show up with nicks from shaving. Unfortunately not every girl is gifted with naturally smooth skin like Uta and Ryouko!

    Many times things like that are a mystery for us too and it’s possible we overlooked a detail on Tia’s body. Possibly too occupied with something else ( o )( o )! We are always curious and try to ask questions, but sometimes it’s not easy because we need the girl to be worried about something like the Director’s slime covered hands coming at her instead of thinking about something that might make her self concious ^O^

    I hope that gives you an idea!

    Arigato dude! RK

  4. Yes, Tia is so beautiful. I recommended she should do a 24/7 webcam from her apartment because every move she makes is interesting! But the suggestion made her embarrassing!

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