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Rating: 6/10
We shoot so many petite girls at CKE18, shooting one with giant sized pillowy breasts actually turned out to be more of a challenge then we originally expected. All of a sudden we were able to try new camera angles and gravity worked in a whole new way www. Tia was a lot of fun… she was a complete natural around our cameras even when we weren't filming the main shots. That ended up making for some excellent offshot footage! Hopefully you walk away from this one with an accurate feeling for her personality. She was wonderful and we now understand why she's become popular in Japan. Please be a fan! Leave a comment below and if we see her again, we'll pass your message along!
Syrup Sweetie There was no way this lovely Japanese girl was leaving the set without getting messy, in proper chakuero fashion! The m
Plastic Wrap Massage Tia looked cold standing in bottomless panties and no top. She was probably hoping we would hand her a bath robe, but i
Interview As we wrapped up the day`s shoot, Minami snuggled up in a warm bathrobe. I`ve always wanted to do that too, but as the d

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