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Rating: 8/10
Syrup Sweetie
There was no way this lovely Japanese girl was leaving the set without getting messy, in proper chakuero fashion! The milk earlier in the day had been a good start, but we wanted to see something a little bit stickier… something sweet and syrupy... something that would need a lot more rubbing to come off. Luckily we had a bottle of the thickest gel you can find in Japan… extra slow and hard! As sexy Tia laid back in a paper thin Japanese bikini that was already popping off her luscious body, our assistant poured the gel across her huge breasts. The thick liquid looked like it was moving in slow motion as it dripped off the cliff edges of her big boobs, ran down her stomach, and covered her thin bikini. Tia had spent all day getting worked up. Now she finally had an excuse to satisfy herself. Do you think she liked the slime?
Cotton Bikini Workout This isn't the kind of bikini you would want to wear swimming... wait a minute, we're guys! We don't want to wear any ki
Plastic Wrap Massage Tia looked cold standing in bottomless panties and no top. She was probably hoping we would hand her a bath robe, but i
Neon Green String Bikini While we were shooting sexy Rika chan, we started talking about how awesome it would be to have enough money to be able

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