Rating: 6.8/10
See-Through Blouse

This is the first time we shot a see-through blouse and Ayana was really giggly about seeing her little a-cup breasts showing through! She thought it was like x-ray vision! We were also pleased with her perfect kuikomi. The tiny black camel toe panty against her pale white skin was really

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2 Replies to “See-Through Blouse”

  1. Dear Ayana
    When I first saw you in another site. I fell in love with you. I could,t believe your beautiful outfit you were wearing. I went to your site “CKE18 and signed up without a minutes thought. You were beautiful, and I had to see more of you. I don,t know if you can correspond with your admires, but I hope you can. I just want to know more about as a person. Your dreams, your desires, what you want to be in the future. If you can write back I,m kitty hawk. They have my E-mail address. Very Respectfully Kittyhawk

  2. kittyhawk ^^

    I directed many girls and Ayana is one of my favorites too. You have a good taste! I wish all the girls did respond on the site, but at the least I will tell her your compliments if I see her again! Thank you sir!

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