B80/W58/H86 cm
(B34.6 /W23.6 /H33.9 inch)
Rating: 7.6/10
12th, Sep
153cm ( 5feet 0.24inch )

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Those beads are tight! They're on fire! Saying that might sound like we time traveled back to the 90's(?), but we actually mean the beads are physically tight!
Rating: 6.6/10
Ayana likes to lick. She told us the reason was because she likes cats, and cats are always licking. Such a cute answer from a little sister type girl, but such
Rating: 6.7/10
From the start of our shoot, we noticed Ayana liked flowers. While I sat up my lights and put my camera together, she was playing with them so much. If you're a
Rating: 8/10

Director's Comments

One afternoon I received an interesting text message from Rin which never happened before. She said she had a friend who wanted to do shooting, so of course she had my attention immediately! When I met Ayana, I felt she was familiar but maybe just because her and Rin were around the same age and best friends. During the interview though, I found out that the two of them are actually cousins! Rin finally told Ayana that she shot with us and Ayana thought that was really great because Rin is trying to make her dream become true. Ayana doesn`t have a specific dream yet but maybe she wants to go on a trip with Rin, so she started shooting too. Too bad these naughty cousin`s dream isn`t to shoot together! I would be available for that any time!
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