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Rating: 6.3/10
Bath Time Cutie
After Ayana warmed up to the Director, we decided to relax a bit and let her just have fun with the next video.  She was actually really excited to try on the see-through swimsuit.  It was one of the images we showed her in the interview.  We love one-piece swimsuits… because they are tight fitting and rub just the right places, because they reveal every inch of the girl's skin underneath, and because they let the sides of the girl's booty hang out.  Japanese girls wear one-piece swimsuits to the school pool, but Ayana had never even seen a see-through one.  The hair/make assistant helped her cover her puffy little lips with tape and after assuring her the tape would stay in place under water, off we went to the shower room.  Watching the water make a bathing suit disappear never gets old, especially when the girl has never done it before.  Ayana was surprised that the tape really didn't come off, and towards the end of the video, the Director made his move.  He showed her how difficult it was to remove the tape, and being smooth like James Bond, he pulled the tape down just enough to reveal her booty hole to the camera.  Ayana was finally starting to relax!  Are you a fan of one-piece swimsuits?
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