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Rating: 6.6/10
Tickle Out Butterflies
We've shot a lot of girls, so we usually feel pretty relaxed at the shoot no matter what problems might turn up.  With Ayana though, she was so incredibly polite that it literally threw all of us off our game including the Director.  We mentioned before that she had a confidant voice but still looked nervous.  Watching her was like seeing a baby deer in the train headlight.  We could tell she was doing everything in her power to control the butterflies in her stomach and because of that we actually felt nervous too!  It was such a strong feeling on set, after the first video, the Director took us outside to "check the weather."  That's when we decided to scrap our preplan and to take things really slow with Ayana to make sure she really was okay with shooting.  One thing we were sure of… she had shaved her pussy lips for the shoot, so that would be our starting point.  The Director wanted to start getting hands on, so taking a deep breath his professional instincts kicked in.  We would make a tickling video!  First time girls are such a challenge, but we love them!  What about you?  Do you prefer first time girls or ones with experience?!
Topless Japanese girl Ayana plays with herself
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2 Replies to “Tickle Out Butterflies”

  1. Dear Ayana
    I want to compliment you no your ability to win over my heart. When I saw you on another site, I just had to track you down. I found you on CKE18, and I became a member immediately. I don’t do that at all, but I just had to be near you. Thank you for being so captivating. I hope to have the privilege of hearing from you

    Very Respectfully

  2. kittyhawk,
    I saw Ayana this weekend and shared your story. It was a real surprise for her. She thought that’s the biggest compliment because she’s not having the confidence thinking she can be the top favorite. Her cheeks became flush and she said thank you so much!

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